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Yorkies In The Garden

By Ray Hermann


Concerning the very origin of the dog,
I know what the scientific experts say:
"There is just too much fossil evidence,
Found among the rocks and in the clay."

But, I believe that dogs were created,
For they could not have just evolved.
God knew "woman" also needed a companion,
And with a dog, that problem was solved.

And what kind of dog would be helpful,
Living in Earth's very first paradise?
God knew, besides intelligence and courage,
That small size and softness would be nice.

So, two Yorkies were given to Mother Eve,
To mate them and bring forth, by birth,
Pure joy, pleasure, comfort, and warmth,
For all the women that were to fill the Earth.

Now, when you see a little Yorkshire Terrier,
With its tail up high and proud as can be,
You will know that there is a very real God,
Who sometimes spells LOVE as Y-O-R-K-I-E.

(Copyright 1996, R. C. Hermann, Bellingham, Wa., USA
and published in the Jan. 1997 issue of The Yorkshire Terrier Magazine)
Used by permission.

"And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good."
~ Genesis 1:31 ~