Acacia John Bunyan

One Thing Is Needful;
O R,
Serious Meditations Upon the Four Lasting Things:
Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.

By J O H N.B U N Y A N.

L O N D O N,
Printed for Nath. Ponder, at the
Peacock in the Poultry, 1688.

Published in conjunction with Ebal and Gerizzim. These poems were published
about the year 1664, while the author was imprisoned, and printed on single sheets,
to be sold by his wife or children, to aid them financially.

Edited by George Offor.


Note: On the reverse of the title-page is the following singular
advertisement:— 'This author having published many
books, which have gone off very well, there are certain
ballad-sellers about Newgate, and on London Bridge, who
have put the two first letters of this author's name, and his
effigies, to their rhymes and ridiculous books, suggesting to
the world as if they were his. Now know, that this author
publisheth his name at large to all his books; and what you
shall see otherwise, he disowns.'—Ed.



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